​Vestjysk Mill T 80

​The Vestjysk T 80 rolling mill is a Danish - made rolling mill especially designed for hobby farmers and horse owners. The rollers have been constructed with grooved rollers because this method of rolling ensures a gentler squeezing / breaking of the grain and a product free of dust and dirt. By rolling corn for cattle, horses, sheep and pigs greater intake and better assimilation of feed are achieved than by normal grinding. The mills are simple and flexible in construction, and no part is too heavy to be sent by post which means quick delivery of spare parts. The Vestjysk T 80 rolling mills have been tested by a number of users who have especially stressed the low level of noise during rolling and a product almost entirely free of dust.

The machine is CE signed and registered as a utility model.

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​Engine size

​Capacity barley

3,0 kW

400 kg/hour


​Vestjysk Smede • VVS • Blik A/S

CVR: 29149267


​Tangsøgade 55

DK-7650 Bøvlingbjerg