​Vestjysk Mill T 150 Combi

​The Vestjysk T 150 Combi has been constructed to turn corn into digestible mixed feed for pigs and cattle by rolling as well as shredding. The machine gives the corn a texture which makes for healthy stomach functions. Adjusting the machine from rolling to shredding can be done in less than 5 minutes. The rollers are spring - loaded to prevent the rollers from getting damaged should a foreign body pass between the rollers. The gap between the rollers is easily adjusted with the adjusting handles so that the exact texture wanted is achieved. 

The 150 Combi has been tested in rolling beet pellets with good results. These hard pellets really put a roller to the test.
The machine is CE signed and registered as a utility model.

Tested by the Department of Buildings and Machines
The Danish Agricultural Advisory Centre
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​Engine size

​Capacity barley

4,0 kW

20,4 hgk

5,5 kW

29,2 hgk

7,5 kW

36,4 hgk


​Vestjysk Smede • VVS • Blik A/S

CVR: 29149267


​Tangsøgade 55

DK-7650 Bøvlingbjerg