​Vestjysk Hobby Mill

​​The Danish made Vestjysk Hobby Mill is a traditional rolling mill especially made for farmers with less cows, sheep and horses ( In Denmark a so called “hobby-farmer”)

The rolling mill has flat rollers and it is pulled on only one roller. Using this type of mill gives a better intake of feed and a better use of the grain than traditional hammer milling. The rolling mills are produced in a very simple and flexible way and no spare parts are heavier than they can be sent by mail which further more gives the customer a quick and very cheap delivery of spare parts - when needed.

The Vestjysk Hobby Mill is a small rolling mill; the diameter of the rollers is 165 mm and the length 160 mm, something which gives a high capacity with an electric motor of 1,5 kW at 380 volts. The mill can also be driven by a on-phased engine by 220 volts which can be delivered at an additional price.

The machine is CE signed and approved.

Measurement: Length: 1140 mm: Width:640mm: Height:1550 mm

Height by discharge: 870 mm

The measurements can be changed according to the needed height and size of filling equipment.

​Engine size

​Capacity barley

1,5 kW

200 kg/hour


​Vestjysk Smede • VVS • Blik A/S

CVR: 29149267


​Tangsøgade 55

DK-7650 Bøvlingbjerg